Dong Dac pagoda


Dong Dac pagoda is located in Dong Huong commune, Kim Son district, Ninh Binh province. It is the biggest church of Kim Son Catholic area and the earliest religious architecture. The pagoda was built over many years in the newly found Kim Son district by a monk of Le Dynaty who chaired in Phuc Nhac pagoda, Khanh Nhac commune in Yen Khanh district and the land developer Nguyen Cong Tru.

Dong Dac pagoda has the floor plan of the Chinese word “Dinh”, with a forecourt that is horizontal and an upper palace that is vertical.

The pagoda was built of ironwood that was finely carved making the forecourt beautiful. There is a statue of His Royal Highness, and 2 statues in the seven-room forecourt. In the façade of the upper palace, there is a door of the temple that is trimmed with gold. This door is regarded as a background for the Buddha palace. In the upper palace, there are 5 hierarchical rows of Buddha statues. All statues have sitting shapes with more feminine features and smiles on their faces.

There is a 5-room Mother Palace in the grounds of Dong Dac pagoda a 5 -room monk palace connects with the forecourt to make the house the length of to 15 rooms.